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Hohner have built us an AWESOME custom Accordion!

It was presented to us at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, where we performed at the Hohner stand on the 22nd and 23rd of march.





We're happy to announce that we've finished work on our completely new set.

As many of you know, From 2008 to 2010 we've performed our Queen "Street Music" set at various different events, from big festivals to small birthday partys, even in a sewage pipe! (more glamourous than it sounds! Link).


However there are a lot of great Queen songs which, for various reasons, don't work in the "Street Music" set. Songs such as "Love of my Life", "You take my breath away" or "Is this the world we created".

This has led us to the question: How can we present the quieter, lees-known yet equally beautiful songs from Queen?


After lots of consideration and experimentation, we found our answer: A Church Concert!


The "Premiere" of this new set took place at the Montreux Freddie Mercury Memorial Weekend (03.09.2011) Catholic Church.


The reaction to this concert (and other "Church Concert" we did since then) has been overwhelming !!


One thing is certain! This idea has legs - and we intend to let it run!


As soon as another Church Concert is arranged, you can read about it here!